Dear Participant/Author of SMB 2010 / BIOMAT 2010

Please find below a draft of a letter to help you with Visa application.  If you think this will be necessary, please complete the certificate below and send a request to We will return a PDF version with an authorized signature.






 This is to certify that (Mr.)(Dr.)(Prof.) (-----Name-----) from (---Affiliation (if any)---) [(has an accepted work which is scheduled to be presented on a Scientific Session) or (is invited as a participant)] of the joint conference SMB 2010 / BIOMAT 2010 (2010 Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology/2010 International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology) to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 24th to 29th July 2010.  On behalf of the SMB 2010 Scientific Advisory Committee and the BIOMAT Consortium we would  be very glad if (he)(she) could obtain a Visa to Brazil.

 We will be pleased to answer all additional queries you may have as the present application is concerned and we thank you very much in advance for your collaboration.

 With best regards,


  Prof. R.P.Mondaini

Chairman SMB 2010 Scientific Advisory Committee

President BIOMAT Consortium