V Brazilian Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology
II International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology 

First Named Author Affiliation Country Title of the contribution
Adriana Neves dos Reis UNISINOS Brazil - RS Prokaryotic promoters: is possible to relate
sequences’ patterns with genomic and functional
Alain Joan Valdivia BIOINFO Cuba A Model for explain the propagation of a repetitive unstable gene in a population
Ana Paula C. Rio Doce LNCC Brazil - RJ An age-structured finite element model for the
population dynamics of a marine organism
Ana Paula Pintado Wyse LNCC Brazil - RJ The Basic Reproductive Rate in the Malaria Model
Andreas Deutsch Technical University Dresden Germany Cellular Automaton Modelling of Biological Pattern
Angela Beatriz Weber UNIJUI Brazil - RS Optimal control of regimes of Lotka-Volterra
Anna Tramontano University of Roma Italy Quality and effectiveness of protein structure comparative models
Armando G. M. Neves UFMG Brazil - MG The Mitochondrial Eve in an Exponentially Growing Population and a Critique to the Out of Africa Model for Human Evolution
Artur Reis UFRJ Brazil - RJ A Computational Mathematical Model of Neuronal Death Caused by Oxidative Stress in Alzheimer’s Disease
Betsabé González-Yañez Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Effect of prey refuge use dependent of both populations sizes in a simple
predator-prey model
Carmen Alicia Ramírez Bernate Universidad del Quindio Colombia Approximation and simulation for a model of pollutant dispersal in spherical surfaces
Dagmar Iber University of Oxford Great Britain B cell activation and affinity discrimination by receptor segregation?
Denílson José Seidel UNIJUI Brazil - RS Pattern formation in reaction-difusion
discrete model
Dumar Villa Universidad del Quindio Colombia Effects of the Curvature on the Diffusion on Molecular Surfaces
Edilberta Almanza Vásquez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Dynamical population of Lotka-Volterra model with
refuge of prey
Eduardo González-Olivares Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Predator-prey Dynamics eith Compensatory Power
Functional Responses
Elizabeth Bulnes LNCC Brazil - RJ Multivariate Model of the Chemical Carcinogenesis
Esbel Tomás Valero Orellana LNCC Brazil - RJ Difusion Model for in-vitro Allergic Reaction
Fábio Barreto UFRJ Brazil - RJ A Mathematical-Computacional Model of the Role of Calcium in Alzheimer’s Disease
Fulvia E. Torres-Bravo Universidad del Quindio Colombia Impacts of Allee effect on prey in the dynamics of Rosenzweig-McArthur predation model
Gabriela Sousa Saute UNIJUI Brazil - RS Mathematical Model of Tumor Growth and Imune
Geraldo Ceni Coelho UNIJUI Brazil - RS Mathematical modeling of the litter decomposition
and accumulation in a forest plantation
– a transient case
Gizelle Kupac Vianna UFRJ Brazil - RJ A Neurocomputational Model of the Role of Cholesterol in the Development Process of Alzheimer’s Disease
Gustavo Lacerda Costa UNICAMP Brazul - SP Evaluation of graph-based protein clustering methods
Guy Perrière Université Claude Bernard – Lyon 1 France Optimization of Between Group Analysis of Gene Expression Disease Class Prediction
Héctor Meneses-Alcay Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Allee effect and immigration of prey in a predation
Higor Souza Rodrigues UNB Brazil - DF Protein Locator –
A proteomic bioinformatics system
Inaya Corrêa Barbosa Lima UFRJ Brazil - RJ Characterization of the bone trabecular structure
– a method with 3D microtomography
Irene Duarte Gandica Universidad del Quindio Colombia Analysis of the Interactions of Cephalonomia stephanoderis and
Prorops nasuta (HYMENOPTERA, BETHYLIDAE) with Hypothenemus hampei (COLEOPTERA, SCOLYTIDAE)
Isabel A. Sbragia UFRJ Brazil - RJ Microradiography of baculum as an instrument to
identification of species in the genus Myotis
Ivan da Silva Sendin UFG Brazil - GO A simple methodology to predict
mutated protein 3d structure
Jean Faber LNCC Brazil - RJ Biophysical Quantum Games
João dos Santos Protazio UFPA Brazil - PA Study of modified Leslie-Gower prey-predator system with periodically forced
João Frederico C. A. Meyer UNICAMP Brazil - SP Production water discharge in offshore operations: mathematical modelling, numerical approximation
and computer simulations
João Valiati UFRGS Brazil - RS Discovering Similarities in Mycoplasma Promoters:
a Clustering Strategy
Joceliane da Cas UFRGS Brazil - RS Coupled Map Lattices in
Reaction-Diffusion Systems
John MacGregor Smith University of Massachusetts USA Steiner Minimal Trees, Twist Angles, and the
Protein Folding Problem
Jorge Velasco-Hernandez Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo Mexico Modeling bacterial consortia in pipes
José Karam Filho LNCC Brazil - RJ Blood Rheology and Some
Non-Viscometric Computational
José Verdasca Centro de Matemática e Aplicações Fundamentais Portugal Short and long-term dynamics of childhood epidemics on dynamic small-world networks
Josiane da Silva Cordeiro FIOCRUZ Brazil - RJ Predicting the Effectiveness of ART on the HIV
Transmission in gay community
Laércio L. Vendite UNICAMP Brazil - SP A Mathematical Model  for the Global  Climate
Change and Plants Diseases
L. A. Corá UNESP Brazil - SP Magnetic images to quantify the disintegration
process of tablets by AC Biosusceptometry
L. D. Wolmuth UFMT Brazil - MT Contamination of passage of Cuiabá River for
sewer: Modelling and simulation
Laurita dos Santos UCS Brazil - RS Network approach to DNA sequence analysis
Leandro Santos Ribeiro UFPA Brazil - PA Chaos and Bifurcation in Infectious Diseases
Louis J. Gross University of Tennessee USA Space: the final frontier of control theory in application to natural resource management
Luis Henrique Teixeira Caetano UFAL Brazil - AL Development of a Bioinformatic tool for analysis, data storage and comparations of human mtDNA profiles for forensic purposes in Brazil
Marat Rafikov UNIJUI Brazil - RS Optimal feedback control of Lotka-Volterra system
Marcelo Ribeiro-Alves UFRJ Brazil - RJ Sequence Analysis via Feed-forward
Neural Network with Bayesian Theory
Marcelo Trindade dos Santos LNCC Brazil - RJ On the hierarchical organization of
metabolic networks: building a
mathematical model
Marcio André Dell’Aglio Frick UNICRUZ Brazil - RS Application of Artificial Neural Network for morphologic test of the erythrocytes in the anemia
Marco Antônio Frota Lima UFF Brazil - RJ Development of the models Breast, Uterus and
Ovaries to Human Mathematical Phantom
Maria Angélica Maulén-Yañez Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso Chile Approximation of population size distribution by the
Saddlepoint method on the logistic model
Mariano Rodriguez Ricard Universidad de La Habana Cuba Traveling waves for a model of direct transmission
with heterogeneity
Mariano Rodriguez Ricard Universidad de La Habana Cuba Epidemiological model with fast dispersion
Maurício Vieira Kritz LNCC Brazil - RJ Organizations and Biological Information
Michal Or-Guil University Berlin Germany Clonal expansion of cytotoxic T cell clones: The role of the
Oscar Lapouble UNB Brazil - DF A Software to Promote Interactive Teaching of Water Properties in Biochemistry Classes
Panos Pardalos University of Florida USA Optimization Approaches for Data Mining Problems in Biomedicine
Paula Rogéria Lima Couto LNCC Brazil - RJ Computational Simulation of Two Dimensional
Reactive Transport Problems with Biodegradations
Philip Maini University of Oxford Great Britain Modelling aspects of vascular cancer development
Pierre Baldi University of California USA Exploring Chemical Space with Computers: Challenges and Opportunities for AI and Machine Learning
Priya Kooner University of Oxford Great Britain Mathematical Modeling of the HIF-1 mediated
hypoxic response in tumours
R. C. Sossae UNISAL Brazil - SP Evolutionary presence of toxic material and its
effect on transient interactive
population species: modelling and approximation
Raul Abreu de Assis UNEMAT Brazil - MT Swarm Intelligence: choice of foraging
direction in a colony of ants
Regina C. Almeida LNCC Brazil - RJ The Spread of Invasion Populations Subject
to the Allee Effect
Robersy Sanchez Rodriguez Research Institute of Tropical Roots Cuba A Novel DNA Sequences Vector Space over the
Galois Field of 53 Elements.
Robson Costa de Castro UFRJ Brazil - RJ Calculation of Photoneutron Dose in Organs using
Adult Mathematical Phantom and
Monte Carlo Method
Rogério Salvini UFRJ Brazil - RJ The Power of the Weak
Rosane F. De Oliveira UFRRJ Brazil - RJ Oceanic oil slick movements in Ilha Grande bay:
mathematical modelling, numerical approximation
and the use of
computer simulations for local circulation scenarios
Rubem P. Mondaini UFRJ Brazil - RJ Steiner Networks and the Planarity of Peptide Groups
Rui Dilão Technical University of Lisbon Portugal Evaluating Deterministic Policies in Two-player
Iterated Games
Ruy Ribeiro Los Alamos National Laboratory USA Modeling the in vivo dynamics of viral infections
Salome Antolin University of Cambridge Great Britain Effect of extracellular Na+ on Na+- Ca2+ exchanger-mediated current recovery in frog olfactory receptor neurons
Samuel  Jaramillo Flórez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Numeric Method for Diagnosis of Electric
Characteristics of Biological Materials in Microwaves Frequencies
Samuel  Jaramillo Flórez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Application of the modal analysis method and
integral equations for the characterization of
biological materials in microwaves frequencies
Samuel  Jaramillo Flórez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Computational Calculation of Biological Tissues
Phantom Multilayer for the Simulation of the
Radiation Effects on Alive Beings
Samuel  Jaramillo Flórez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Solution of the Electromagnetic Fields of Biological
Antennas using the Boundary Elements Method
Samuel  Jaramillo Flórez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Bionic Optimization of Transmitters and Detectors
in a System of Wireless Optic Communications
Samuel  Jaramillo Flórez Universidad del Quindio Colombia Computational Simulation of a Cell to Calculate the Electromagnetic Fields in the Cytoplasm and in the
Membrane using the Finite Elements Method
Sandro da Silva Camargo UFRGS Brazil - RS Comparing classifiers for HIV-1 protease cleavage
site prediction
Sandro José de Souza Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Brazil - SP The Role of Exon Shuffling in the Early Evolution of Genes
Santina de Fátima Arantes LNCC Brazil - RJ Optimal control of Distributed Systems
Applied to the Problems of Ambient Pollution
Serguei Aily Franco de Camargo UEA Brazil - AM A proposal of a model to subsidize the
precautionary management of the professional
fisheries in the region of Itaipu Reservoir, PR, Brazil
Silvia Martorano Raimundo USP Brazil - SP Vaccination strategies derived from an
epidemiological model for rubella re-infection
Silvio A. Pregnolatto UNICAMP Brazil - SP Evolutionary presence of toxic material and its
effect on transient interactive
population species: modelling and approximation
Solange Rutz UERJ Brazil - RJ Finslerian Systems in Forest Succession
Tor A. Kwembe Jackson State University USA A Mathematical Analysis of Cylindrical Shaped Aneurysms
Veraci Lúcia Grings UFRGS Brazil - RS The Role of Spatial Refuge and Oriented
Movement on the Host-Parasitoid
Dynamics of Nicholson-Bailey
Vincent Hull Laboratorio Centrale di Idrobiologia Italy A Model for Oxygen Dynamics in Coastal Lagoons
Wanda Aparecida Lopes UFU Brazil - MG Fuzzy Modeling in the Elimination of Drugs




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