20th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

01st – 06th November, 2020

The BIOMAT 2020 International Symposium will be organized online, on November 1st - 6th, 2020. The participation in the BIOMAT 2020 is another great opportunity for research students and young postdocs to exchange scientific feedback with their colleagues from several countries, in the best tradition of the BIOMAT Symposium Series.

The present conference will be the 20th edition of an annual series of international symposia organized by the BIOMAT Consortium since the year 2001. The Consortium ( is a non-profit organization of scientists from universities and research centres from many countries on five continents. Its fundamental mission is to promote the scientific exchange of knowledge in the interdisciplinary areas of Mathematical and Biological Sciences as well as the enhancement of multidisciplinary scientific work on developing countries worldwide.

Prospective authors are welcome to contact the BIOMAT Consortium at

The works selected by the BIOMAT Editorial Board and senior AdHoc international referees, on a full paper form will appear as indexed chapters of a volume of the series "Trends in Biomathematics", to be published by Springer Nature.


On behalf of the BIOMAT Consortium, we acknowledge the technical support given by RNP - Brazilian Academic Network, for this on-line version of a Symposium of the International BIOMAT Series.   Special thanks are due to Dr. Beatriz Zoss and Dr. Luiz Coelho - Deputy Service Director, for their expert collaboration.