14th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center/Institute of Mathematics/Polish Academy of Sciences, Bedlewo, near Poznan, Poland, November, 02 - 08, 2014

Registration/ Conference Fees

Before and on September 30, 2014

Students/PostDocs ---------------------------------US$135 --> 106 Euro

Faculty Members and all other Professionals--------US$265 --> 208 Euro

On and after October 01, 2014

Students/PostDocs ---------------------------------US$165 --> 130 Euro

Faculty Members and all other Professionals--------US$365 --> 287 Euro

Late registration could also be done in cash at the conference venue in Bedlewo. Credit cards are not accepted. The registration office will open from Sunday afternoon Nov. 02 to Tuesday morning Nov. 04. Participants who are not allowed to send payments abroad, should pay their registration fees accordingly.

Please find below the link for registration and payment of conference fees:

The deadline for this online registration is October 29. After this date, the registration should be done at the conference venue.

The conference fees will include:

1. Poster sessions and Coffee-Breaks;

2. Reception Cocktail on Sunday, Nov 02;

3. Conference bag kit and badge;

4. Certificate of Participation or Certificate of Paper Presentation on the BIOMAT 2014 International Symposium.


You can send your personal data for registration before payment, but please remember that your registration will be confirmed only after you complete the application form here, or after we have received a copy of your bank deposit receipt.

If you prefer to pay by bank deposit, please send your payment to:

Beneficiary: Fundação COPPETEC/BIOMAT

CNPJ: 72.060.999/0001-75 (The CNPJ is a Brazilian code for a company, industry, corporation, etc. The bank deposit should contain this number and the name "Fundacao COPPETEC/BIOMAT Consortium")

Account number: 31.229-0

Bank: Banco do Brasil S. A.

Branch name: Governo Rio

Branch number id: 2234-9

City: Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Country: Brazil


IBAN: BR4600000000022340000312290C1

Please state the name of the registered person when making the bank deposit, and send a scanned image of the receipt to

Please send the payment of the registration fees. They are strictly necessary to support the BIOMAT 2014 International Symposium.

Send an email to with the following data:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Profession
  • Academic background (Research Student, Post Doc, Professional)
  • Fields of interest
  • Organization
  • Full address
  • Telephone
  • e-mail
  • URL
  • Comments

Application for Membership of the BIOMAT Consortium:

Please send your personal data with a declaration of your intention of becoming a Member. Please stress the advantages for your university/research institute and your research group.

The Annual fees for Members are

Research Students: US$70 --> 55 Euro

Faculty Members and all Other Professionals: US$150 --> 118 Euro

Applicants for Membership who are also prospective participants of the BIOMAT 2014 International Symposium should also send the amount corresponding to annual fees to the address for bank deposit given above.

Members will have a discount of 50% on the registration fee for participation in the next conference. All registered members will receive a copy of the BIOMAT 2014 book from the indexed BIOMAT International series (posting costs should be paid on their own). This offer will be valid for the first one hundred copies on a first come-first served basis.