14th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center/Institute of Mathematics/Polish Academy of Sciences, Bedlewo, near Poznan, Poland, November, 02 - 08, 2014

Important Information

Dear colleagues, participants of the BIOMAT 2014 International Symposium (Bedlewo Conference Centre of the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Centre, Bedlewo near Poznan, Poland, November 02-08, 2014) and prospective authors of the BIOMAT Consortium Series,

The BIOMAT Consortium has decided to post some information which has been requested by some participants. These are supposed to be helpful for you to plan your attendance as well as the trip to Bedlewo near Poznan, Poland, in early November. We apologize to all who are already informed about the content of some items below:

1. Registration Fees are due by all participants, except by Keynote Speakers. However, the BIOMAT Consortium will kindly accept the payment of those professionals who intend to do so due to the meagre funds of the present year. Please consult the link Registration/Conference Fees in order to know the amount to be paid on your registration. We call your attention to values for early and late registration.

2. Late registration could also be done in cash at the conference venue in Bedlewo. Credit cards are not accepted. The registration office will open from Sunday, Nov. 02 to Tuesday, Nov.04. Participants who are not allowed to send payments abroad, should pay their registration fees accordingly.

3. The Registration Fees will include a conference kit (badge, bag, ball pen, pad, Scientific Programme), coffee breaks, reception cocktail on Sunday afternoon, certificate of participation and/or presentation, and the Grill Dinner on Tuesday, November 04. The Registration Fees do not include lodging or meals in the conference venue, the Bedlewo Conference Centre.

4. All registered participants, except the winners of fellowships (please see below) should pay the amount corresponding to US$240 for lodging during six nights, US$40 for one night/person (from Sunday afternoon , Nov. 02 to Saturday morning, Nov. 08) and full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner). The amount due to accommodation should be paid directly to the administration office of the Bedlewo Centre.

5. Due to a gentle offer by the Stefan Banach International Mathematical Centre, the BIOMAT Consortium got a discount of 25% and we can afford to pay 60 fellowships to cover the lodging and full board for six nights of 15 Invited Speakers and 45 research students/ unemployed postdocs.

6. Only accepted full papers could be published as a chapter with exclusive DOI number link of the BIOMAT 2014 indexed book (ISI-Web of Science-Scientific Proceedings Citation Index, MathSciNet, Zentralblatt für Mathematik, etc.). Full papers are peer reviewed by two senior members of the BIOMAT Consortium Editorial Board and other senior referees adHoc. The previous submission of an abstract is done in order to confirm the scientific soundness of the theme and research area. Abstracts are also referred by the Editorial Board and an invitation is then sent to successful authors for submitting the corresponding full papers. These are usually accepted first for presentation in the conference. An evaluation of the presentation by senior referees will select the papers for publication. In the present year and for logistic reasons, since we are quite close to the conference date, authors who intend to submit a full paper could do it without care for the deadline for submission of the previous abstract. The BIOMAT Consortium, on behalf of its Editorial Board, will send a prompt response to all submissions.

7. Last but not least, we recommend and we stress once more that all prospective authors and/or interested attendees should address their requests for information and clarification to We will be pleased to answer all additional queries you may have as the organization of the BIOMAT 2014 International Symposium is concerned. Thank you in advance for collaboration.