12th International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology

Tempe, Arizona, USA

November, 07 – 10, 2012

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Christodoulos Floudas - Princeton University, USA

Advances in De Novo Protein Design for Monomeric, Multimeric, and Conformational Switch Systems.

Dorothy Wallace - Dartmouth College, USA

Synchronous Calcium Induced Calcium Release (CICR) in a Multiple Site Model of the Cardiac Myocyte.

Control of Human African Trypanosomiasis with Seasonal Fluctuation: a Mathematical Model.

Eduardo Massad - University of São Paulo, Brazil

Mind the Map: Quantifying the Risk of Malaria from Prevalence Data.

Fred Brauer - University of British Columbia, Canada

Compartmental Age of Infection Epidemic Models.

Guo-Wei Wei - University of Michigan, USA

Mathematical Models and Techniques for Biomolecular Geometric Analysis.

Jianhong Wu - York University, Canada

Contributing to the Risk Assessment of Lyme Disease in Canada.

John Jungck - Beloit College, Wisconsin, USA

Food Webs, Niche Space, Trophic Levels, and Energy Flux: How Interval Graphs and Three Dimensional Analysis Make Meaning of Complex Networks.

Panos Pardalos - University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

Seizure Manifold of the Epileptic Brain:A State Space Reconstruction Approach .

Ramit Mehr - Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Modeling Natural Killer Cell Repertoire Development and Activation Dynamics.

Reidun Twarock - University of York, UK

Viruses and Geometry - Where Symmetry meets Function.

Yang Kuang - Arizona State University, USA

A Mathematical Model for the Immunotherapy of Advanced Prostate Cancer.